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If I can do it, anyone can!

News Archives

We invite you to peruse our News Archives (grouped by year for your convenience).

News from 2016


Here We Go Again! Web Site Face Lift.

(posted: 01/01/2016)

It's been a long time coming, but we have finally launched our new Web site.

News from 2010

XBigMan Facebook Fan Page

(posted: 01/22/2010)

Mark's new XBigMan Facebook Fan Page.

News from 2009

Extreme Training Reporter

(posted: 04/20/2009)

Read Mark's Extreme Training column on

News from 2007

Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon Weight Loss Story

(posted: 09/12/2007)

View the whole story of how Mark became a triathlete and personal trainer.

News from 2005

Belly Off All-Star<br/>Mark Davis<br/>Men's Health Magazine

Belly Off All-Stars

(posted: 08/01/2005)

The statistics aren't encouraging: For every five men who start a diet, four will fail and remain fat, or - more disheartening - lose the weight and gain it right back.

Mark Davis

A Real Roller Coaster Ride

(posted: 01/01/2005)

On a ride at an amusement park, Davis couldn't close the seat's restraining bar over him, so he had to get off the ride, humiliated.

News from 2004

Mark Appears on Court TV

(posted: 06/15/2004)

On Friday, July 16th Mark will appear as a "suspect" on Court TV's Fake Out.

News from 2003

Mark on the beach

Before and After

(posted: 11/01/2003)

I didn't always have a weight problem... but it was great to be able to take back my life. I want to show other people that they can take back their lives.

News from 2002

Mark shows off his old pants

Iron Wills

(posted: 06/02/2002)

"It took me about three days to think long and hard, and I said this is a sign from God," he says. "Maybe I was not put on this Earth to count other people's money. I should actually be out helping people lose weight like I did."

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