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About Nutrition

There is so much controversy and confusion regarding "eating right"; and fad diets come and go. Right now, we are led to believe that we are not eating right unless we buy food that has little or no carbohydrates and an approval stamp with the letter "A" (as in Atkins) or "P" (as in Paleo).

The fact is, no diet written by a complete stranger will work for everybody. If you need help with your nutrition, I recommend that you invest in sessions with a Registered Dietician Nutritionist (RDN). A RDN will look at your total picture: diet, exercise, behavior and the emotional component of your nutrition. The RDN will help you design a program (not a diet!) that will help you achieve better health. RDN's not only have training in nutrition, but also are required to work in a hospital clinical environment. A RDN understands related health issues such as hypertension, hypothyroid and diabetes.

To find a RD near you, visit: (Click the "Find An Expert" button and enter your zip code in the "Find a Nutrition Professional" box).

I will give you a quick tip that will help you immediately:

Keep a log of how much you eat and drink. Do this religiously for at least a week. Whatever you put into your mouth, write down what it was, the quantity (ounces) and what you were doing at the time. You may find what I call "leaks" in your nutrition and behavioral patterns that contribute to overeating.

What is a "leak"? A leak is a pattern of consuming a large amount of non-essential empty calories. For example, let's say that you consume one or more 12-ounce beers or soft drinks on a daily basis. If you reduce your beer or soda consumption by 12 ounces per day, you will lose 10 pounds per year!

Your log may tell you that you consume these beverages while watching TV. I would be willing to bet that you might not even miss the 12 fewer ounces as your mind is occupied elsewhere.

This information will provide you with a lot of insight into your behavior and will be especially useful if you decide to hire a RDN. (A RDN will ask you to log your nutrition intake). There are some excellent free apps that will help you with this task:

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